Baseband Technologies specializes in advance Software based GPS Receiver technologies for High-Volume and Low-Cost consumer electronics.   Our company has developed the revolutionary Deep-R™ software-based GPS receiver technology that enables consumer electronics manufacturers to implement GPS functions quickly and easily into anything that moves.  Combining 4 patent pending technologies that pushes GPS performance to the maximum theoretical achievable limits, applications such as digital camera, mobile phone and Location Based Services (LBS) can now implement GPS with great ease.


Software based GPS Receiver technology

Traditionally, GPS receiver system consists of hardware components such as an active GPS antenna, an Radio Frequency (RF) front-end module and a dedicated baseband processor to perform GPS signal processing algorithms. Software based GPS receiver is a new approach where the dedicated processor is replaced by a micro-processor that is already being used in a target application.  The principal advantages of Software based GPS receiver is to drastically reduce component and manufacturing costs.


Ultra FAST, Ultra LOW Power GPS Receiver

Products such as GPS smartphones and In-car GPS navigation devices are wildly popular but why do most consumer electronics still lack GPS functions today?  The answer is because current GPS receiver technology takes too long (up to 60 seconds) to obtain a first position and too thirsty for power.  Think of current receiver technology as the tube-transistor radio technology that was used in the 1950’s - it takes too long to warm up, it uses too much power and it is very difficult to design with.


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