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We specialize in Software based GPS Receiver technologies. GPS is our passion, not only will we share our knowledge internally, we are also eager to educate the world of what we know about it.

Our teams consist of experienced individuals who are able to quickly work as one to address a given challenge. We enjoy considerable autonomy and will react promptly without compromising our cohesiveness. Our team consists of Members, not employees, we have been very successful in integrating members from various cultures and experiences into a single, focused and unified workforce, working together to build a unique company.

What do we look for in an ideal Member?

Education & Experience

Solid university education complemented with certifications and/or post-graduate studies, expertise in technology and project management in consulting environment etc.

Communication Skills

Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, able to interact professionally with peers and clients as well as ability to contribute to proposals.


To work on client's priorities (technology, role, project, hours, location and deadlines etc). Able to work in an ambiguous environment and "get-it-done" no matter what. Client-focused and service-oriented.

Solution Finder

Strong issue identifier and solution finder. Positive "can-do" attitude with-roll-up-the-sleeves mentality to "make-it-happen".


"Thinking outside the box", knowledgeable to best practices, idea person, and passionate about it.


Deliver products as agreed, on time, on budget.


Act as if it is his/her own company. Positive attitude, glass is always half full.


If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, please email us your resume and a cover letter to Here.

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