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Our goal at Baseband Technologies is two-fold. First, we are passionate about improving the responsiveness and energy efficiency of existing GNSS enabled devices; second, we love GNSS technologies and we want GNSS enabled devices to be integrated into the very fabric of our daily life. To this end, we offer two unique products that provide new and unique alternatives to the power-hungry GNSS receivers on the market today.

Our first product is an innovative Snapshot Positioning GNSS Receiver that can operate with incredibly low power for extended periods of time. Snapshot positioning takes a completely new approach to GNSS positioning using the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou/COMPASS systems. Gone is the slow start up times needed to acquire and track GNSS satellites. By leveraging our patent pending technologies that allow GNSS receivers to compute its position using as little as 2 ms (0.002 seconds) of data, we open entirely new market segments for GNSS receivers that, by conventional means, would be impractical or infeasible due to constraints in power availability and form factor.

Our second product is a 28-Day Extended Ephemeris service that focuses on improving the time-to-first-fix (TTFF) of existing GNSS receivers, bringing their start-up time from 30-60 seconds down to 1-2 seconds. With our extended ephemeris service, we are able to provide extremely accurate satellite orbit and clock predictions up to 28 days in advance. Our combined satellite orbit and clock accuracy out performs our nearest competitor by a factor of two. Just like our snapshot positioning GNSS receiver, our software client is designed from the ground up to be fast and efficient; as such, it is the slimmest commercially available extended ephemeris client on the market.

Snapshot positioning GNSS receivers are relatively new. To make it easy for you to decide how your products can benefit from our technologies, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can lower your component and manufacturing costs.

We understand each application is different, in addition to offering standard products, we also offer custom design and consulting service to come up with a solution that suit your unique product requirements.  For more information, please contact us for details.

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