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Products & Services

Products & Services

We are passionate about improving the speed and power consumption of GPS receivers. We offer patented technologies to replace power hungry GPS chipset receivers. Our goal is to integrate battery friendly GPS technologies into every fabric of our daily life.

For customers that have very unique requirements, we can custom design a GPS receiver to suit their needs.

For customers that are facing technical challenges, our consulting service is on standby to help resolve your issues.

We always go the extra mile by proactively making recommendations to maximize your product performance so that you can create the best solutions for your clients.

Ultra Low Power GPS Receiver Technologies

Our patented GPS receiver technology greatly extends the battery life of Wearable & IoT products. Compare to traditional chipset receivers, our technology consumes several orders of magnitude less power.

28 Day Extended Ephemeris Technologies

Using our patented 28 Day Extended Ephemeris technology, any GPS receivers can expect superior orbit and clock prediction accuracy and, a significantly reduced time-to-first-fix (TTFF).

Custom Development & Consulting Services

We can customize our patented receiver and ephemeris technologies to suit your unique requirements. We also provide consulting services to help solving complex GPS problems in your system.