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28 Day Extended Ephemeris

28 Day Extended Ephemeris

Nowadays, end-users expect instant connectivity and no longer accepts waiting for 10’s of seconds for a GPS position fix. Using our patented¬† 28 Day Extended Ephemeris service, GPS chipsets or OEM devices can expect a significantly reduced time to position fix within a second or two.

Our 28-Day Extended Ephemeris message incorporates our patented high performance data compression techniques designed to minimize the ephemeris data file to 20 kbyte per week without any noticeable loss in accuracy.


  • Wearables
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Activities Tracker
  • Asset Tracking & Logistics Health
  • Wildlife Tracker
  • Geolocation Games
  • More applications here


  • Position fix within 1~2 seconds
  • Small message size ~20KB/week
  • Variable prediction period
  • Superior orbit & clock accuracy
  • Platform independent client software
  • Ultra efficient client software
  • Low memory & storage footprint


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