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Snapshot Receiver Technology

Snapshot Receiver Technology

Snapshot Receiver technology is a completely new approach to GPS positioning, gone is the slow start up times needed to acquire and track GPS satellites.

By leveraging our patented Snapshot Receiver technology, previously impractical or infeasible designs using traditional power hungry chipset receivers is no longer your only option. Our Snapshot Receiver can operate several orders of magnitude less power than traditional chipset receivers. This means the same battery can now last much longer.

Snapshot Receiver

Our patented GPS receiver technology greatly extends the battery life of Wearable & IoT products. Compared to traditional chipset receivers, our technology consumes several orders of magnitude less power.

Evaluation Kits

We offer 2 flavors of Snapshot receiver eval kits to suit your design. One is an ARM Cortex-M4 MCU board that offers the most features; the other is an add-on board that lets you explore the Arduino ecosystem.

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