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Snapshot Receiver Eval Kits

Snapshot Receiver Eval Kits

Our ultra low power Snapshot receiver is, in fact, an advanced baseband processing algorithm that runs on ARM CM4F or similar microcontrollers.

At this time, there are 2 kinds of eval kits that you can experiment with.

One flavor is an add-on board that lets you experiment within the Arduino ecosystem. This kit was designed especially for the ultra low power store-now and process-later operating mode.

The other flavor is a fully integrated PCB board consisting mainly of an RFIC front-end and an ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller to host the Snapshot receiver. This feature-rich kit allows you to experiment with the unique operating modes that differentiate Snapshot receiver from the power-hungry chipset receivers.

Please contact us if neither of these eval kits suit your requirements, we would be happy to custom design a hardware platform for you.


  • Wearables
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Activities Tracker
  • Asset Tracking & Logistics Health
  • Wildlife Tracker
  • Geolocation Games
  • More applications here


  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Ultra long battery life
  • Ultra flexible operating modes
  • Ultra fast 2ms captures
  • Native ARM Cortex M4 design
  • C++ implementations
  • FPGA implementations

Arduino based eval kit

An Arduino add-on board that was designed for you to experiment with our Snapshot receiver. This kit comes with an external active antenna, Windows 10 software driver, user manuals, schematics, layout, BOM and 10 hours of live technical support.

Maxim Ref Design rev-b

A Maxim Integrated reference design board that has an RFIC front-end and an ARM Cortex-M4 micro-controller fully integrated to host the Snapshot receiver. This feature-rich kit is capable of running all unique operating modes of the Snapshot receiver.


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