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Snapshot Receiver

Snapshot Receiver

Energy always comes at a premium with Wearables & IoT applications because it is typically powered by a tiny battery. This is why adopting power hungry chipset receivers is very difficult if not impossible.

Snapshot positioning is a technique for determining a receiver’s position using only milliseconds of the received satellite signal. In comparison, a conventional chipset receiver may require a few to tens of seconds of signal tracking to compute the first position.

Our “always ON” smartphones have us conditioned to expect everything to be ON instantly. The penalty for using chipset receivers to satisfy our “instant everything” desire is the significant energy consumption.

Snapshot receiver technology operates counter-intuitively by forcing the receiver to be always OFF to conserve the precious battery. Leveraging our patented signal processing techniques, our receiver only needs to be turned ON for a few milliseconds.

For Wearables and IoT applications where infrequent position fixes are needed but energy consumption must be kept to a minimum, a Snapshot receiver is ideal.


  • Wearables
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Activities Tracker
  • Asset Tracking & Logistics Health
  • Wildlife Tracker
  • Geolocation Games
  • More applications here


  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Ultra long battery life
  • Ultra flexible operating modes
  • Ultra fast 2ms captures
  • Native ARM Cortex M4 design
  • C++ implementations
  • FPGA implementations


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